Buying Single Wide Mobile Homes In Parks

So you are going to purchase a single wide mobile home in a park?

In the previous article we discussed how important it is to research the actual mobile home park that the home is in.

This is so important because once you purchase and move into your home, you are living by the park owner’s set of rules. They tell you how to maintain your home, when your lawn is too high, when to paint your home, etc.

Not All Park Managers Are Overly Strict

But there is no shortage of horror stories involving a park manager that is impossible to please who seemingly has it out for residents. So again, be sure to ask locals or even ask residents directly about what type of manager they have.

Consider though that this isn’t always a bad thing for most people. Because it actually helps keep up the quality of the park and you will end up living in a much nicer community. Thereby increasing the value of your home for when you eventually want to sell!

So that is at least one positive when it comes to strict mobile home park management.

**Update – We recently saw a very serious issue caused by mobile home park owners that effected their residents in an extreme way! Here is the link to that article – Pitfalls To Living In A Mobile Home Park.


Good luck!

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