Pros And Cons Of Purchasing A Mobile Home

If you are currently deciding whether or not to purchase a new home, whether you are a real estate investor a first-time home buyer or considering the mobile home market, also known as manufactured homes, this article will take you through the pros and cons of buying a manufactured home.

Mobile homes for sale, also known as manufactured homes for sale, are essentially homes that were built in a manufacturing facility on an assembly line. Unfortunately, many people look down on manufactured homes even though they happily purchase brand-new cars which are also built on an assembly line.

If the auto industry has taught us anything, we should know that mobile homes for sale are built with quality and safety in mind just like the cars that are built in the same assembly line style.

This article will expose some of the pros and cons that are common to purchasing a manufactured home. After reading this article you will be more well-equipped to understand the differences between buying mobile homes and traditional homes.


One of the first positive points about mobile homes that immediately jumps out at you is their affordability. Mobile homes are traditionally much less expensive than those homes you might find in a typical neighborhood. As the technology in fabricated housing has advanced, many factory built homes are being produced to look almost exactly like those traditionally build homes that you commonly see.

Mobile homes also allow you the ability to hand select the property that you would like to live on. For many people as they begin their home buying search, they become frustrated about not being able to align the perfect house with the perfect property. Often times, they may find their perfect house on a lot that is either too large or too small or in a neighborhood that they don’t want to reside in.

Mobile homes allow you to hand select your location, including lot size, neighborhood and other factors related to property, while still offering you the chance to build the exact home that you want on the property at a much reduced rate.


The major downside to purchasing a mobile home is that financing can be difficult. Many financial institutions believe that building equity in a mobile home is more difficult than creating equity in a traditional house. While in many cases traditional homes do build equity at a much higher rate than mobile homes, the fact remains that you can still build equity with a mobile home in many of the same ways that you can build equity with traditionally built housing structures.

There are ways around this obstacle however. There are many alternative means of obtaining financing that will allow you to purchase manufactured homes.


Mobile homes are the future in so many ways. The ability to create high quality housing at incredibly affordable rates is exactly what the global economy needs. Now that you have seen some of the pros and cons of purchasing a mobile home consider taking a moment to view some of the listings on our website at

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