Buying A Mobile Home: What About Warranties?

Mobile homes have found an interesting place in our global economy. Mobile home manufacturers have found a way to bridge the gap between the traditional housing system of expensive overpriced homes, and those home buyers who are interested in getting a better deal for their home.

Because of the uniqueness of the manufactured home, mobile homes provide many additional opportunities and upsides to your home purchase.

This article will examine one of those opportunities and expose you to more information about it.

The Manufacturer’s Warranty

Mobile homes allow you to get warranty coverage based on a variety of different factors. The main warranty that you should be concerned with is known as the manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty is not a generalize warranty as you might be used to. These warranties are specific to the manufacture and can vary from company to company.

Warranties are provided by the manufacturer and will cover substantial defects in areas such as the structure itself, plumbing, heating and electrical systems and even many of the installed appliances which came with the house. Imagine purchasing a home with a warranty on the dishwasher, the laundry room appliances and other appliances throughout the home.

Before you bank on a manufacturer’s warranty it is important that you ask yourself and the manufacturer some of the following questions:

  • How long will the warranty be for?
  • What happens when I need to claim something on the warranty service?
  • Can I purchase an extended warranty?
  • What exactly is covered by this warranty?

While the manufacturers provide a comprehensive warranty, they do not provide coverage for abuse or negligence by the owner of the manufactured home. If you trash your house, you have to pay for it.

Is The Warranty Worth It?

Many people use the mobile home warranty as a selling point to convince people to purchase a mobile home for sale as opposed to a traditional home for sale.

While only you can decide what type of home is going to be best for you and your family, we can provide a little bit of insight as to the overall value of the warranty versus a non warranty house like a traditional home.

Let’s examine what would happen if you were to purchase a traditional home, one without a warranty, and how you would be treated if you ran into problems with the home:

If your home were beginning to wear and tear, in such a way that you felt that you had been taken advantage of in the purchase of your home (over promised and under delivered), in today’s market you would be on your own. If you were contact the previous buyer and say that you thought the doorways were beginning to crack faster than they shed and that he needed to replace it, he would probably scoff in-your-face and tell you to go hire a general contractor. To replace the doorway could cost you thousands of dollars.

If the same situation were to occur within your mobile home, all you would need to do is contact your manufacturer and simply place a claim using your warranty. This warranty would allow you to have the doorway replaced at the expense of the manufacturer barring that the doorway problem wasn’t caused by you.

This could potentially save you thousands and thousands of dollars. Is the warranty on a mobile home worth it? Yes it is.


If you are considering purchasing a home, take the time to examine the mobile home for sale option. Manufactured homes today are not what they used to be. They are high quality homes that are making a big impact on the way that people buy houses.

Take a look around our website to see some of the options available to you.

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