Pros And Cons Of Owning And Living In A Mobile Home

The times they are a changing! The Old American Dream is fast becoming a distant memory and the new Dream is taking on interesting twists and turns. For many Americans, the hope of owning their own home has slipped by. Or so they thought.

Mobile homes for sale are allowing hundreds of thousands of Americans to still get a piece of their dream home, and at a much lower cost than ever thought before.

This article is going to dive into some of the pros and cons of owning and living in a mobile home. After you are finished reading this article you should have a better understanding of some of the things that mobile home ownership can offer you.


Mobile Homes For Sale Are Much Less Expensive

The typical price for a home in middle America today is outrageous. Very few people can afford today, what used to be attainable by everyone 50 years ago. This has caused a huge gap in the housing market. Manufactured homes have filled that gap.

Sometimes less than 40% the cost of a home similar in size and quality, mobile homes allow nearly anybody to obtain their dream home at an extremely low cost.


Not everyone wants to live in the same place for 30+ years. As a matter of fact, recent polls suggest that more Americans move homes and change careers every 5 years than ever before in the history of the country. Why bog yourself down with extreme closing costs and lost down payments with tradition homes when you can simply move your current home with you.

Even the larger mobile homes for sale are easily moved by freight truck.

Faster Turn Around Time

Henry Ford revolutionized the way that cars were built by setting up an assembly line for the construction of the vehicles. Instead of one person taking 6 months to a year to build a car from scratch, he developed a way that many people could build that same car in 3 – 5 days.

This is the same way that manufactured housing works. Because of the centralized set-up of the manufacturing plants where these houses are built, turnaround times for mobile homes for sale are many times more faster than the traditional home.

It is this innovative approach to home building that allows manufactured home sellers the ability to sell the homes so cheaply. Just like Henry Ford was able to sell his cars so much more cheaply.



There are cons to every situation and mobile home living is not void of them either. If you are interested in purchasing a house to build equity, banking on the turn around of the economy, purchasing a mobile home is not going to be a very good bet for you.

Mobile homes do not gain value like traditional homes. If you pay $60,000 for your mobile home, there is no guarantee that you will be able to sell it for more than that later on down the road.

Most mobile home buyers are interested in retiring in their homes. If equity is a concern of yours, you should avoid buying a mobile home.


Now that you know a few of the pros and cons of buying and living in a mobile home, be sure to check out some of the listing we have on this site!

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