5 Tips to help sell your mobile home for sale quicker

In a declining real estate market, a person can generally sell a house faster by lowering the price. But there are other ways to improve a home's attractiveness besides lowering the selling price. Selling a home in a down market requires a little extra work. Do everything you can to get the home in excellent shape and be prepared to make some small concessions at closing. These tips, coupled with an attractive price, will increase the odds of getting your home sold. If you're looking to sell … [Read more...]

How to approach an owner with mobile homes for sale

If you are in the market for a mobile home and looking for an alternative living style, and you have no idea what you should be looking for or where to even begin your search; especially if you are looking for an owner with a mobile home for sale. No need to worry, because the intention of this article is to provide tips for finding mobile homes for sale in an effort to aid prospective buyers in their search. Ask people around you The first and the most obvious tip for finding a mobile home … [Read more...]

Construct an addition to your double wide mobile home

Mobile homes are typically built as complete units and not designed for structural alterations but if you want to construct an addition, you should use care in building onto the home. The garages are essentially self-supporting, with their own foundation, and use an existing doorway into the home. All of the garage wiring is also completely separate from the home.  You also might run into local building codes concerning such an addition. Check with your local building department to make … [Read more...]

How to extend your Mobile Home

Here are the inexpensive solutions towards extending your mobile home, and we will be unpacking them one by one. So, there are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind to extend your mobile home with ease. Sometimes in our lives, we should think out of the box and think like a devil. What are you going to do when more space is needed for your family members? We are absolutely sure that you would come to us and grab some inexpensive tips and tricks about how to extend your mobile … [Read more...]

Are Mobile Homes a Good Source of Investment?

We are here to prove that mobile homes are the best source for investment, and at the end you will get it proved through some of the evidence that were grabbed during the homework we have prepared. Obviously, if you are planning to offer your mobile homes for sale, then you would wish to take the maximum amount that could come out from its selling. However, sometimes people make investments in their mobile home just to get the amount back during selling it. If your mobile home has been … [Read more...]

How to repair your Mobile Home

Suppose you have just bought a used mobile home for yourself and due to some reason you are intending to get it repaired which is probably because previously it was being used roughly and there are things around your mobile home that should be changed or they would be down in the dirt. In such a situation we would first like to recommend that you should pay attention to from where you will get it repaired and also mark out the items that you want to replace. Now, knowing the fact that the … [Read more...]

First Time buying a Mobile Home

Are you one of those guys who are first time buyer of a mobile home for sale? Well, if this is the case with you then we would definitely help you throughout this article because we will unpack some of the aspects that are need to be checked before buying any type of mobile home. If you have read our previous articles then you must have known that before buying any mobile home it is best to compare prices by getting quotes from numerous types of mobile home services because now it's an … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Foreclosure Mobile Home Deals

We all know that new foreclosures are always capable of making initial fumbles by failing to calculate each deal all the way through the process. You should keep reading this article because we will be offering 5 ways for best foreclosure deal on mobile homes for sale. We are sure that you are one of those people who have already met with such problems and looking for the solution. There is always something up with 'exit strategy' and this is where the foreclosures do not pay attention … [Read more...]

Looking for insurance for your Mobile Home?

Are you entranced in renting a mobile home for yourself? If yes, then we would like you to know this article is going to edify you with all about a mobile home. We think getting a mobile home does not do a complete job for you and you should rent a pitch to get your set up on it. Please be informed that if you have already bought a mobile home which is for sale on a rented pitch then you are likely to get your rights from the law and also from the agreement made with the site owner. But all … [Read more...]

Fire Safety in Mobile Homes

Mobile homes for sale are transportable structures that are fixed to a frame and especially designed to be towed to a residential site. Manufactured homes are different from modular or prefabricated homes, they are factory-built and then towed in sections to be installed at a permanent location. National fire data indicate that mobile homes built to safety standards have much lower risk of death and a significantly reduced risk of injury if fire occurs compared to pre-standard single wide … [Read more...]