What’s The Difference Between a Mobile Home and Manufactured Home?

Although many people use the terms mobile home and manufactured home interchangeably, technically there is a difference. According to the U.S. Dept of Housing & Urban Development, if the unit you are considering buying was manufactured before June 15, 1976, it's properly called a “mobile home.” Anything built after that date is a “manufactured home.” The key features of these two types of home are: Manufactured Home: Each manufactured home conforms to the US government's … [Read more...]

Buying a Manufactured Home in a Community or Private land

Buying a Manufactured home in a community: There are two types of community where you can place your manufactured or double wide mobile home for sale. 1. Buying a Manufactured home in Well Planned Community: You may want to consider buying a home located in a planned community. Few parameters like, the costs, services, and rules of a planned community should be checked before you buy a manufactured home for sale. Consider the matter such as, who will be responsible for utility … [Read more...]

Choosing Between Buying or Renting a Mobile Home

You might be thinking of whether buying a mobile home is a good idea or if renting one would be better. Many different things should be taken into consideration as part of your decision. Both pros and cons exist that a person should consider before they make a decision to buy or rent available mobile homes. This article will help you to decide whether renting or buying is a better choice for you at this time. Pros and Cons of Renting a Mobile Home: Pros: Main advantage of renting a … [Read more...]

5 Tips on Searching for Mobile Homes for Sale

Mobile homes due to wide price range, are a good housing choice for many consumers. Mobile homes like conventional homes range from small to large, simple to multi section units with fancy features. This article would help you to pick the right mobile home for sale at the right price. Before you go out to search manufactured homes for sale, ask yourself how much you can afford? Most of the times, manufactured homes are sold separately from the land on which they will be placed. If … [Read more...]

Finding Mobile Homes For Rent Isn’t An Easy Task

Finding mobile homes for rent isn't an easy task to do. Those who have been into this experience know about it, especially if you are looking for a mobile home for a long period of time. In fact, we can distinguish two options here: Either you are looking for a long stay: in that case, chances are that you will have to deal with a park owner Or you are looking for mobile homes for rent for a short period of time, let's say for the holidays. For this case, it may happen that some mobile … [Read more...]