Fire Safety in Mobile Homes

Mobile homes for sale are transportable structures that are fixed to a frame and especially designed to be towed to a residential site. Manufactured homes are different from modular or prefabricated homes, they are factory-built and then towed in sections to be installed at a permanent location. National fire data indicate that mobile homes built to safety standards have much lower risk of death and a significantly reduced risk of injury if fire occurs compared to pre-standard single wide … [Read more...]

Ways to Live in Mobile Homes

There are certain responsibilities as well as rights, that an owner or tenant of a mobile home should fulfill. There is a list of certain rules in rental agreement, residential contract or written statement that you must follow while you are living in your mobile home for rent. It's important that you stick to these terms; otherwise the site owner may be able to evict you. Keep up-to-date with leases and home for rent It's essential to pay your payments for the rent of your rent to own … [Read more...]