Rights or Responsibilities of Tenants of a Mobile home

Unfortunately, tenants or owners of manufactured homes don't have as many rights as owners or tenants of regular homes because different laws apply to single wide or double wide mobile homes. The section on mobile home rights explains rights of tenants and owners. If you live in a mobile home park that contains five or more trailers, you are protected by the Mobile Home Landlord and Tenant Rights Act. The Act applies whether you own or rent your trailer. Rights as a mobile home park … [Read more...]

Mobile Home Tenancy

Tenancy means a tenant's right to possession of a manufactured home site under a tenancy agreement. If a person rents a mobile home instead of buying a mobile home for rent, his tenancy rights will be based on the law and the agreement he has with his landlord. This agreement can be either written or a verbal agreement. In case the tenant doesn't have a written agreement, he still has rights. A tenancy agreement must comply with any requirements prescribed in the regulations and must set out … [Read more...]