5 Tips to help sell your mobile home for sale quicker

In a declining real estate market, a person can generally sell a house faster by lowering the price. But there are other ways to improve a home's attractiveness besides lowering the selling price. Selling a home in a down market requires a little extra work. Do everything you can to get the home in excellent shape and be prepared to make some small concessions at closing. These tips, coupled with an attractive price, will increase the odds of getting your home sold. If you're looking to sell … [Read more...]

How to approach an owner with mobile homes for sale

If you are in the market for a mobile home and looking for an alternative living style, and you have no idea what you should be looking for or where to even begin your search; especially if you are looking for an owner with a mobile home for sale. No need to worry, because the intention of this article is to provide tips for finding mobile homes for sale in an effort to aid prospective buyers in their search. Ask people around you The first and the most obvious tip for finding a mobile home … [Read more...]

Construct an addition to your double wide mobile home

Mobile homes are typically built as complete units and not designed for structural alterations but if you want to construct an addition, you should use care in building onto the home. The garages are essentially self-supporting, with their own foundation, and use an existing doorway into the home. All of the garage wiring is also completely separate from the home.  You also might run into local building codes concerning such an addition. Check with your local building department to make … [Read more...]