How Do I Sell My Mobile Home?

The number one reason why most mobile homes don’t sell is because of the price.

Why can’t I sell my home?

Think about how much you are asking for your home and then consider how many people you know have that amount of CASH to potentially buy the place outright?

Not many!

I say cash because mobile homes have become nearly impossible to finance.

If you are trying to sell your used mobile home for above $10,000, then you may need to go above and beyond a simple sign in the yard or a single ad in the paper. Mobile home prices above the $10,000 amount will normally require financing.

Now if you have a mobile home worth around $40,000 and you list it for much less, say $12,000, assuming it’s in good shape it should sell easily. But this discount offered usually isn’t practical for sellers.

How To Sell Your Home – Offer financing!

That is the best solution to getting the home sold quickly! But there is more to it than just telling potential buyers that you will finance the mobile home.

You must determine how much you NEED to get as a down payment and the amount you would require as a payment each month. If either of these amounts is too much than your home will still be difficult to sell!

In the next article we will explore on how to determine a reasonable amount for the down payment and monthly payment.

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  1. sharon tinman says:

    I caught your website on Craigslist. I’ve been looking for a place for awhile now for my dad , kids and me.

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