Searching Mobile Homes For Sale Tips

So you are considering buying a mobile home. You’ve looked at the classifieds, talked to the neighbors, or you even met the park owner asking for opportunities for mobile homes for sale.

Now you have narrowed your search to one or two listings from the list.

You’ve done your background check about the mobile home itself, inspected all the warranties and evaluated all the décor that you want to setup once you’ve purchased that mobile home of your dreams. You may even have played Sherlock Holmes, trying to look into all the details – we don’t want to discover any faulty items after we’ve signed the check, do we?

Before You Move To Signing The Check… Step Back

Ok, you’ve seen all the qualities of the home itself, but have you done any verification on the seller?

You’re going to spend a huge amount of money, you don’t want to “lose” it because someone fooled you.

What You Need To Verify With The Seller

First of all, verify if he is an authorized dealer or the actual homeowner. He should have a license delivered by the Division of Motorist Services, Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Sometimes, you may have to deal with a real estate broker, especially if you are buying a mobile home with the land where it’s installed. The third choice would be that you’re dealing directly with the mobile home owner itself.

Anyway, it’s always good to check who you’re dealing with and if they are authorized to do so.

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