Searching Mobile Homes For Sale In Florida

Do you know that one third of constructed homes in Florida are mobile homes? Amazing, isn’t it.

Now, when looking for homes for sale in Florida, you might be wondering if the home you just passed by is a mobile home or not.

Well, this doesn’t mean that all mobiles homes in Florida are for sale, but this gives you several choices when it comes to finding a home for your family. This also means that, unless you have “love at first sight” with one particular mobile home, it’s wiser to take your time looking around and establishing your criteria for choosing a manufactured home for sale.

How To Check If A House Is Worth Pursuing

Do you know that every mobile home for sale in Florida must clearly display a compliance to the Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards? Those standards are established by the the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Just check for a red aluminium label marked with a six-digit inspection number prefixed by three letters – this label should be located at the tail-end of any transportable part of the mobile home you are considering buying.

We pride ourselves in bringing you useful advice that you’ll need when buying one of those mobile homes in Florida.


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