Double Wide Mobile Homes or Single Wide?

You’ve done your research for mobile homes for sale and then frequently heard people talking about single wide or double-wide mobile homes.

As a buyer, why should you care about this difference? The first reason is obviously for the surface of the mobile home. You would have noticed that double-wide mobile homes are bigger.

Usually, they are 20 feet wide (or even more),and 90 feet long (or less). Try to imagine towing that big mobile home from its initial location to your place. That is not easy, almost impossible.

In fact that’s why it’s called double-wide mobile homes as they are generally split in two parts during towing, then the two pieces are assembled on location.

From the buyer’s point of view, this means that double-wide mobile homes will cost more in terms of transportation/towing. Moreover, an additional cost of assembling the two units need to be taken into account- thus making it more difficult to move. This criteria should be seriously taken into consideration since, few years later after purchasing it, if you are considering trading or selling your double-wide mobile home, the prospecting buyer would also need to weigh that into his decision.

In fact, it’s a common practice to trade a mobile home after few years, but you have to consider this transportation constraint before opting for a a bigger mobile home.

For that matter, double-wide homes are a long term investment. Anyway, check our listings as you may find the rare one you’re looking for.

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