Difference Between Manufactured Homes And Mobile Homes?

So are manufactured homes any different from mobile homes?

In fact, we can safely say that they both refer to basically the same thing.

They are both prefabricated homes that are constructed in factories, then towed to the customer’s final location for installation. Manufactured homes must although have a permanent wheeled chassis attached to it so as to insure the transportation.

Although it seems obvious, the wheels are hidden behind some decors like vinyl siding or stucco once the home is installed at its final location.

The main concern, from the regulation point of view, and from tax purposes too, is that the mobile home should be movable. Without these movable characteristics, your home would eventually be assimilated to a custom built home, though it may fall under a different tax category.

The taxes change more significantly if you also own the lot your home sits on.

How To Find A List Of Manufactured Homes For Sale

You can always check your neighborhood, ask nearby dealers, or post some online classified want ads.

While those initiatives can be rewarding, they are both time consuming and you never quite know when you’ll get some kind of palpable results.

Luckily, as we’ve already experienced your situation as a mobile home buyer, we have created MobileHomesForSaleInfo.com so that you can browse listings around the country from the comfort of your sofa.

Not only do we provide the list for multiple states, but we also provide you with great resources that will ease your purchase stress.

If by any chance there are some topics that haven’t been covered yet, feel free to contact us, we may be able help!

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