5 Tips on Searching for Mobile Homes for Sale

Mobile homes due to wide price range, are a good housing choice for many consumers.

Mobile homes like conventional homes range from small to large, simple to multi section units with fancy features. This article would help you to pick the right mobile home for sale at the right price.

  1. Before you go out to search manufactured homes for sale, ask yourself how much you can afford? Most of the times, manufactured homes are sold separately from the land on which they will be placed. If you purchase the land for mobile home be sure to include costs to prepare it for your home but if you place the home in a park, cost of land improvement is included in total cost. Cost of transportation from factory and installation cost includes in home price. In case of a new mobile home, the long term cost of insurance, taxation, and maintenance are added in price of the manufactured home. Compare the total cost of a manufactured home to the cost of houses, and apartments in your area, it help you to negotiate the final price.

  1. Second thing to know is how much you need? Decide which design suits you, as single-section made of one unit or multi-sections made of two or more pieces joined together. In general, single-section homes are less expensive than double-section homes. Single-section and double wide mobile homes come in a variety of sizes. Compare the floor plans of single-section and multi-section homes to help you to determine how much room you need and what design best meets your needs.


Both types of design have their shortcomings:

  • Single-section homes tend to have more problems with floors, roofs, windows, and doors.
  • Multi-section homes tend to have problems related to the joining of the sections.


  1. In third Step select the location of you mobile home, also decide whether you want to rent or own a land. If you decide to own the land and place the home on a permanent foundation, you enjoy better financing options, and your home will likely have higher resale value if its design fits in well with the neighborhood.


If you decide to rent land, be sure to examine all park rules and lease terms, including allowable rent increases.

  1. After making decision of buying or renting, line up your finance. Get your credit report and score from the three major credit bureaus before you start shopping for financing. If your credit score is low, visit a credit counselor and find ways to improve your credit profile .  If your score is high, you can take this information with you when you shop for a manufactured home. Keep the term of your loan to the shortest reasonable time period.  The longer the term, the slower you will build equity in the home.


  1. At the selection of mobile home step, try to select a home that has following features:


  • Choose a shingled roof, rather than a metal roof, if possible.  Make sure the roof hangs over the edge of the house and that it is properly ventilated and the walls have proper height. Put a protective skirt around your home.
  • Choose high-quality plumbing fixtures.
  • Choose insulated glazed windows with welded vinyl frames to avoid gaps for air or water leak.
  • Choose heating and air-conditioning according to climate.
  • Check the quality of The Electrical System and appliances.
  • Be sure your home meets government standards for the region where you live.
  • Proper transportation and installation of your mobile home is critical.
  • Look for a manufacturer that offers a long-term warranty with little exclusion.

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