Buying a Manufactured Home in a Community or Private land

Buying a Manufactured home in a community:
There are two types of community where you can place your manufactured or double wide mobile home for sale.

1. Buying a Manufactured home in Well Planned Community:

You may want to consider buying a home located in a planned community. Few parameters like, the costs, services, and rules of a planned community should be checked before you buy a manufactured home for sale. Consider the matter such as, who will be responsible for utility connections, if there are any restrictions on resale of manufactured home. The most important decision! Whether you can live with the community’s rules or not?


2. Buying a Manufactured home in Rental Community

You may want to place you purchased mobile home for sale in a rental community but there are fewer practical problems involved with a rental community. Before selection of a rental community for mobile home, find out what each community offers and the differences among them, including rental and installation costs and any other service charges. Ask manufactured home retailers in those rental communities for information and advice. Before deciding upon particular rental community, get all information about following:

  • Requirement of written leas and for how long
  • Charges for utility connections or other services
  • Requirement of community’s rules to be responsible for installing your home or it would be retailer’s job
  • Charges to make installation and responsibility of ground maintenance, snow removal, refuse collection, street maintenance, and mail
  • Rules and regulations of community
  • Particular requirements or restrictions to sale mobile home

Buying a Manufactured home in private land:
Buying a mobile home in a private land is another option to consider. There are several things that should be in your mind when you decide to place your mobile home on your own land.
Selecting place for mobile home is not so easy that you might be thinking of. It’s not possible that you place you mobile home wherever you want. You may face zoning requirements or restrictions in many cities and semi rural areas. There may be requirements regarding the size and appearance of mobile homes. You can find information about these restrictions or requirements by contacting the local community’s planning and land use department. Make sure that the applicable zoning laws and the deed on your land will allow a manufactured home can be placed there. Other issue that you can face is restrictive covenants limitations in property deeds.
These limitations control how you can use the land. These limitations include a certain size of mobile home or a prohibition that lands can be used or not for certain purposes.

Sometimes the restrictions are narrated in ways that are difficult to understand. You should contact an experienced real estate attorney to see if there are any restrictive covenants that could become problem for you to place your mobile home on your intended place.

Look for facility’s availability, like connectivity to electrical, water, and sewerage system. In many locations water supply facility is available, if there is no local government-supplied water line; you may have to drill a well. Look for sewerage system, because many areas still rely on septic tank systems instead of a city or county sanitary sewerage system. In well developed areas these all necessary utilities are available. Find out available utilities along their charges.

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