How Does a Mobile Home Park Community Earn a 5 Star Ratings?

The practice in grading mobile home parks with a “star” rating exist only for mobile homes. Other types of commercial real estate don’t use this practice. The intention of rating guide is not to grade the investment quality. Almost every one who uses the rating doesn’t know what it means or where it comes from.

The history behind this practice is unknown to most in the business. The reference to star ratings for mobile home parks is a leftover from a directory of mobile home parks published in the 1950, 60, and 70’s by Woodall Publishing of Chicago, Illinois. Though the directory hasn’t been published for over twenty five years, the star ratings survive as the authoritative rating system for mobile home parks. There is no nationally recognized standard to grade mobile home parks. So the essence of above discussion is that start ratings is not based on any system or fact. It is just an opinion of the persons using the term, no higher authority somewhere doling out stars.

Woodall stressed that the stars do not indicate that one mobile home park is better than the next. It is a guide for various levels of service, not to rank one park above another.
Below are the guidelines used for the Woodall star rating system. The descriptions are quoted directly from the 1970 guide.

A 5 Star mobile home park community can be characterized as having luxurious accommodations, with a wide range of facilities and services. The mobile homes are usually set back from the curb with paved streets, sidewalks, street lights and signs etc. The park is located in a desirable neighborhood and is accessible to retail and community services. The new model, double wide mobile homes for sale and manufactured mobile homes for sale are in excellent condition.
Five-Star Mobile Home Park Community
Five-star mobile homes parks are the finest and are nearly impossible to further improve. In addition to the requirements for 1-star, 2-star, 3-star and 4-star parks, a 5-star park must have the following characteristics:
Community park has well-planned, laid out and spacious appearance.
Best location in regard to accessibility and enviable neighborhood.
In some locations park should be enclosed by high hedges or ornamental fence.
Must have wide paved streets in perfect condition, lawns edged to street, sidewalks, along street lights, and street signs.
Mobile homes are set back from the street in park community.
Park has superbly attractive entrance and park signs.
Patios are at least 8 x 30 ft except double-wide units.
Paved off-street parking such as carports or planned parking.
All mobile homes in Community Park go a round.
All hitches and existing tanks concealed.
existence of recreation, swimming pool except areas with long, cold winters, shuffleboards, horseshoe pitching, golf course, hobby shop, hobby classes, games, potlucks, dances, or natural recreation facilities.
Beautifully equipped recreation hall with kitchen room for community gatherings and tiled restrooms, etc.
Presence of uniform storage shed or central storage facilities.
All new model mobile homes are in admirable condition.
Mobile homes park community must secure at least 60% occupancy to maintain a five-star rating between inspections in order to judge quality of residents which indicates park’s ability.
All empty lots in Community Park should be grassed, graveled, or well maintained.
Most five-star parks allow adults only but if pets or children are allowed, there must be a place for them to run and play without messing the streets and yards.
A superior management interested in comfort of residents and maintenance of park community.

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