Ways to Live in Mobile Homes

There are certain responsibilities as well as rights, that an owner or tenant of a mobile home should fulfill. There is a list of certain rules in rental agreement, residential contract or written statement that you must follow while you are living in your mobile home for rent. It’s important that you stick to these terms; otherwise the site owner may be able to evict you.

Keep up-to-date with leases and home for rent

It’s essential to pay your payments for the rent of your rent to own homes or pitch and service charges on the time. If you fail to pay rents on time, the owner of the home has right and could try to evict you. Also check, whether you can claim housing benefits to cover some of your rent.

Be a Good neighbor

As the communities of mobile homes and rent to own are small, so it’s important for you to respect the peace and privacy of people living in other homes around your mobile home. Things that irritate your neighbor include like:

  • Loud TV or music volume
  • noise nuisance
  • keeping pets out of control
  • irritant children or guests
  • throwing rubbish outside

Look after your mobile home

In case you have your own mobile home, it’s your responsibility to keep home well maintained and carry out its necessary fixes. Or if you have taken a mobile home for rent, you responsibilities toward keeping mobile home up would be mentioned in your rental agreement. These responsibilities include shaping the garden, cleaning and decorating. Also it’s your responsibility to carryout minor repair jobs of the mobile home because landlord is responsible for major repairs to the property.
Discuss to the landlord If you face any problem or have any concern about the park community, it’s good to talk to the landlord of the property. Always ask for permission from owner of the site before making any changes or improvements to your mobile home. If you are going away and leaving home for long period of time, it is mandatory to let the owner of the site now in written form.

Strictly follow the rules

When you rent or buy a home for sale, you sign a rental agreement, residential contract or written statement having list certain rules that you must follow while you are living in your mobile home. These rules or conditions ask demands from residents to stick to those particular rules, covering things like:

  • Keeping pets in control so that they don’t cause to harm or annoy other people living in Community Park.
  • Guests that come to visit you home shouldn’t be irritating
  • Parking of vehicle in a manner that is convenient for neighbors
  • the disposal of rubbish in proper manner
  • laundry
  • Abstain from noise nuisance.

The main purpose of designing rules and regulations of a community park is to keep the park a happy, peaceful environment, and better place to live. It is vital for every member of park community make sure to stick to the rules.

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