Choosing a Mobile Home Site

To buy or rent a mobile home is not enough, you have to rent or buy a place also, to put your mobile home, for example you can rent a park home in a residential park or caravan in someone’s garden. You should take account of same factors whether you are looking at renting or buying a mobile home on a site, or looking at a traditional home. These factors for example could be cost, safety and location. This article discuss at some specific factors, you should consider when looking to rent or buy a mobile home for sale.

Site protection of mobile home station

A protected site has many benefits like planning permission and a site license from the council. It is essential for the mobile home site or park to reach certain standards, in order to receive a site license. Residents of protected site enjoy more benefits and rights than the residents who live on an unprotected site. Residents of protected site enjoy protection from eviction. But before moving in a site, do ask to see a copy of the site license. Check the following things in site license:

  • Whether site licensed for residential use, not just as a holiday site
  • Whether the site conforms to the standards set out in the site license.

Site owner own or lease the land

It’s important to realize whether the site owner actually owns the land the site is based on? Or site is leased from someone else. If the site is leased, ask how long its lease will last. When the lease will end, your right to stay on the pitch will end as well.

Membership identification of site owner

Find out if the site owner is a member of a recognized organization. All members of recognized organization must agree to abide by the park home owner’s charter. This charter sets down the rights and responsibilities for site owners and park residents. In general the park is more likely to be well maintained and you are more likely to receive a high standard of service.

Cost of the mobile home

Before you move in mobile home site, find out the cost involved in renting a mobile home. Do ask the site owner about paying a deposit. Know about the pitch fees and how much have they gone up over the past few years. You should have knowledge of the service charges and their criteria to calculate.

Views of residents of the site

It is important to know what the resident of the site you are deciding to move in think about the site, talk to the people who live on the site.

Agreement with the rental terms and park rules

Read a copy of the agreement you’ll have to sign and rules of the site. Read this carefully and find the answers of following questions before making any decisions.

  • Does the agreement include a plan of the site?
  • Is your pitch clearly marked?
  • Which services are supplied and how much will you pay for them?
  • Are there any rules you think are unfair, for example, concerning guests or pets?
  • Can the site owner change the rules without consulting you?

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