Owning A Mobile Home

Owning a mobile home is not enough you have to rent a pitch to put a mobile home on. If you buy a mobile home for sale on a rented pitch, your rights come from the law and from your agreement with the site owner. This article states the rights of a manufactured home owner that come from the law and legal steps that a single wide or double wide mobile home owner can take when these kinds of situations occur.

Rental Agreements

When you rent a pitch to put your mobile home on, you should have a rental agreement with the site owner, which gives you certain legal rights.

Resolving disputes

Any disputes over your rental agreement can be settled in the county court, or by applying to an external arbiter. Though, you can only apply to an arbiter if both you and the site owner have agreed to this in writing.

Right to a written statement

Once you have made a rental agreement with the site owner to rent a pitch, you are legally entitled to a written statement. A written statement should start with an explanation that it specifies the terms on which the occupier is allowed to stay on the site. It is also mention in the written statement that an occupier should obtain legal advice if there is something they do not understand. The written statement is evidence of the agreement between the mobile home owner and the site owner but this is not the agreement itself.
The written statement should be given to mobile home owner at least 28 days before the agreement is entered into. If mobile home owner is not given a written statement, the owner of mobile home can apply to the court for an order requiring the site owner to provide one.

Implied terms

There are terms to mobile home owner agreement with the site owner that are laid down in law and cannot be changed; these terms are called ‘implied terms’.

How the agreement can be ended

Mobile home owner can end the agreement at any time, provided that mobile home owner gives the site owner at least four weeks’ notice in writing.
If the site owner wants mobile home owner to leave, he must give owner of mobile at least four weeks’ notice. If mobile home owner have not left after the notice runs out, he must get an order from the court before mobile home owner have to leave.

Giving mobile home to someone else

A mobile home owner can give his mobile home and pass on the agreement, only to a member of his family. The definition of a family member is very wide. The grant must be given to a person approved by the site owner, but the site owner cannot withhold their approval unreasonably.

Pass mobile home on when owner dies

If spouse or civil partner of mobile home owner was living with him at the time of death, they will inherit the agreement with the site owner and all the rights that mobile home owner had. If there is no spouse or civil partner, any family member living with mobile home owner at the time of his death can inherit the agreement.

Site owner move mobile home owner to another pitch

The site owner can only move mobile home owner another pitch for essential or emergency repair works. If the owner wants to move owner of mobile home for any other reason, and home owner does not agree with the move, he must make an application to the county court. The court must be satisfied that the move is reasonable.

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