Which Mobile Home Park Is Right For You?

When looking at mobile homes for sale it is important to realize that finding the perfect mobile home is only half the battle.

The mobile home parks that your new favorite home sits in is just as important as the home itself. That may come as a shock to you because when we tell new owners that, there first statement is usually, “well I can just move the home to a different park.”

While it sounds simple in theory to move your mobile home to a different mobile home park it is actually VERY expensive, time consuming, and red tape(government).

You could spend anywhere from $3-6k to breakdown and move your single wide mobile homes and at least double for a double wide mobile home.

So What Should You Take From This?

Make sure you are just as happy with the mobile home park community, staff, and neighbors as you are with the mobile homes themselves, in whichever mobile home park you choose.

Good luck! Check out our mobile homes for sale on our site for great homes at MobileHomesForSaleInfo.com.

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