Mobile Homes: Advantages and Disadvantages

The process of choosing your mobile home would include listing down the pros and cons of this particular purchase. After all, you would not want your money put to waste. If you are having doubts about investing on mobile homes, you better weigh your options. Consider it as buying a real house and lot; think about it as something that you will enjoy until you retire from your job.

So, here are some of the points that will help you decide whether it is a wise decision to buy mobile houses. Analyze the pros and cons of buying a mobile home:


  • Obviously, mobile homes are way cheaper that buying a brand new house and lot. It saves you a lot of money but make sure that safety is not put on compromise.
  • Since mobile houses are made of prefabricated materials, it is easier to maintain and repair. Once a part of the house is damaged, all you have to do is find another similar prefabricated material and fix it up again in your house.
  • If you have a mobile home established in a private land, most likely the total price of the house will increase which suggests that mobile homes are also an investment.
  • When you buy a mobile house, you are certain that you get a more spacious house which is similar to a real house and lot, but for a lower price.
  • Taxes or mortgage payment for mobile homes are less expensive most especially if you are going to station your house in areas like the park.
  • Purchasing a mobile home can be your stepping stone in saving more money to enable you to buy your own house and lot.


  • Sometimes when you loan money from the bank or from lenders, they do not favor borrowing money for mobile house because in some cases, mobile homes tend to depreciate in value.
  • Since mobile houses are cheaper, expect the prefabricated materials to be not as good as those used in the brand new house and lot. It is actually cheaper simply because lower quality materials are used to build the mobile house.
  • If you are dreaming of designing or rearranging your home, think again. With mobile homes, they can be very generic in design more so, uniform in physical appearance and you have a very limited option to pick out designs or furniture that you want. That is the cost of paying a cheaper price for a house.
  • Electricity in the mobile house can be a challenge. Normally solar power is used to run the appliances in the mobile house. But, if you cannot find a strategic spot where the sun can shine very well on your roof, then electricity can be a really difficult task.
  • Mobile homes are prone to get easily destructed especially when storm or hurricane attacks.
  • Since it is made up of low cost materials, mobile homes tend to be accident prone like burning up quickly or can be easily blown away by a very strong wind during weather catastrophe.
  • Do not expect the mobile house to be as durable and as longstanding as a well built house and lot.
  • Expect that even if you are inside the mobile house, you are still prone to hear noises from your surroundings. Mobile houses are not very absorbent of noise.


Better think wisely if you are really going to buy a mobile home. With these conditions mentioned, you have to define well the purpose in buying a mobile home and who will be the residents in it. But overall, it is just a matter of perspective whether you think a mobile home is really an investment or not.


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